"The Christian midwife," rightly dividing the King James Bible

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Christian Childbirth, 2nd Edition

This book is expanded from the first edition; it includes edited birth stories first published in Birth Stories and Midwife Notes and Born at Home.  

Books with birth stories

Birth Stories and Midwife Notes and Born at Home are books with birth stories.   Birth stories are not duplicated in these two books but Christian Childbirth 2nd Ed has edited versions from both books.  


Handbook for Christian Natural Childbirth  is a great book for a midwife, or an expecting woman who wants more information.  This book is not available in Kindle.  

Mother's loving instruction to daughter

Written and illustrated by Marianne Manley for her daughter, A Mother's Loving Instruction to Her Daughter can be used as a devotional or inspiration to trust God's Word.

Year of death and resurrection of Jesus

The Torah Calendar, the King James Bible, and other work, such as Dionysius Exiguus,  are reviewed to determine when Jesus was crucified.    Basically AD 34 & 7,000 Year Plan are the same book.  AD 34 is available as a Kindle, and 7,000 is available as a paperback only.

Older, 1st ed. of Christian Childbirth

The original edition of Christian Childbirth, published by WestBow Press, is still available online, including at Amazon.