"The Christian midwife," rightly dividing the King James Bible

About Marianne Manley – Christian, author, midwife

The Christian

Bible study, KJV, King James Version, Acts 9, 2Tim2:15, rightly dividing  the word of truth

 Marianne was saved in 1990 when a couple of women taught her about the Bible, who Jesus Christ was and what He had done.  Marianne was a Christian who loved to study and memorize the Bible for 25 years before she came “to the knowledge of the truth” (1st Timothy 2:4) in 2015 while watching Les Feldick on Youtube.  Marianne now writes about Rightly Dividing.

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The Writer

Christian homebirth midwife, book writer.  Christian commentary on Acts 9 rightly dividing, KJV

Marianne has written several books about Christian homebirth, including collections of birth stories.  Now Marianne studies, teaches, writes books based on  Rightly Dividing  the Word of Truth, 2nd Timothy 2:15, using the King James Bible.   Marianne's God's Secret is a primer for Right Division (Acts 9).

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The Midwife

Marianne Manley, RN, CNM, Christianmidwife.com, Christian Childbirth 2ed, Born at Home, handbook

  Marianne Manley was a Registered Nurse and a Certified Nurse-Midwife for 30 years before she retired in 2016, to go into ministry full time.  Marianne worked in hospitals, birth centers, and then operated her own homebirth practice in San Diego for 23 years. 

Content that was published on Christianmidwife.com is now posted on this website. 

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About Marianne the Christian

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Marianne Manley studies the King James Bible

Marianne Manley homeschooled her children (often teaching in group settings) for many years using various Christian curriculum, including curriculum from Bob Jones and Abeka.  Marianne also taught AWANA for 18 years.  This teaching experience has helped Marianne in teaching and sharing “rightly dividing the Word of Truth” (2nd Timothy 2:15).   Marianne had been using the King James Bible (KJB) for many years, but became a KJB believer in 2014.  

For many years Marianne has hosted and lead a Bible study.  When one of Marianne's students was unable to make it to class, that student  asked for the lesson to be posted on Facebook.   Hundreds of people have viewed that Video on Facebook, which was on Romans, Chapter 4.   Marianne's videos are now posted on the God's Secret Facebook page and by Aaron Grace on his Youtube channel. 

Sharing "right division" as a teacher and as a writer is Marianne’s joy and passion.   Today Marianne hosts two weekly Bible studies:  on Saturdays since May 2015,   Acts 9 Grace Bible Church, taught by the Pastor and elders from Berean Bible Ministries in San Juan Capistrano.  On Mondays, Marianne teaches a Bible study that covers one entire chapter every week.  

About Marianne the writer

Acts 9, Apostle Paul, Dispensational, Mystery, Kingdom of God, KJB, KJV, Pauline, Larkin, Mid Acts

God's Secret is a great book to explain Rightly Dividing

Marianne Manley wrote a basic foundational book, God’s Secret, A Primer with Pictures for How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth (2017) to explain Rightly Dividing.   This book (available on Amazon as a paperback and on Kindle; and in Spanish) is very well received all over the world helping people to be saved and to understand the “mystery” in the Bible.  Marianne has written, and continues to write, books that are Bible commentaries; also, she hosts two weekly Bible studies that you can stream online.  

Marianne's first  books were collections of encouraging birth stories that were written by the moms and dads who succeeded in wonderful births with the help of the Lord.   Marianne's Handbook for Natural Christian Childbirth is a comprehensive guide with “how to instruction” and “midwife advice.”  It’s a great resource for midwives, childbirth educators, doulas, and moms.   Christian Childbirth 2nd Ed contains most of the elements in her birth story books and her handbook; it has everything that moms and coaches need to know about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and beyond.

Marianne Manley says that the last several years have been the happiest years of her life.   Marianne says she is blessed to have a supportive husband and children.   Marianne's  joy after understanding of the Bible through "right division" led Marianne to want to edify the Body of Christ.  

All of Marianne's books are on Amazon.

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About Marianne the midwife

Lori Verstegen, Keith Blades. C.R. Stam, Charles Baker, E. W. Bullinger, Paul Sadler, J. C. O'Hair.

Marianne, "The Christian Midwife"

Marianne became a Registered Nurse and then trained in both Australia and California to become a midwife.  Marianne's first website, Christianmidwife.com, promoted her homebirth practice to the Christian community in San Diego.  Marianne and her assistants served families “heartily, as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23).   

Marianne collected birth stories and published them in her first two books:  Birth Stories and Midwife Notes and Born at Home, Praise the Lord! 

The longer birth stories from both books were edited and included in   Christian Childbirth 2nd Ed  The goals of this book are to encourage Christians to seek God in childbearing and to help them to know WHAT TO EXPECT FROM GOD WHEN EXPECTING.   Marianne also included parts of her  Handbook for Natural Christian Childbirth  into the book.  

The handbook is 8½ x 11 inches to be  user friendly and copy ready.  A great resource for midwives and doulas.  Available as a paperback only. 


 All of Marianne's books are on Amazon.   

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Marianne wrote God's Secret to explain Rightly Dividing.  Marianne wants to distribute the printed paperback book to all areas of the world, including areas with poor internet access.  Please click the button below to find out more.

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Bible study videos are available online

Videos are posted online (livestream on Facebook).  Click the button below for streaming options.

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Thanks to Pastor John Verstegen and his faithful men from Berean Bible Ministries in San Juan Capistrano.  Thanks to Aaron Grace for posting videos on his Youtube channel with other Rightly Dividing videos.