"The Christian midwife," rightly dividing the King James Bible

Books by Marianne Manley

Marianne Manley's books are in BASICALLY two categories:

#1 Bible / KJV / Rightly Dividing

King James Version Bible, KJV

Category #1:  Bible commentaries,  rightly dividing the Word of Truth, using the KJV Bible.  These are the most recent books by Marianne.

Category #1 List

#2 Childbirth / Homebirth / Other

midwife, homebirth, Christian, KJV, KJB

Category #2:  Birth stories, Christian natural birth, midwifery, and all other topics.  These are Marianne's older books.  

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Rightly Dividing Books

Rightly dividing with the KJV  

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Christian Childbirth

Birth stories, homebirth, midwife notes

Book List

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