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Marianne Manley is author of God's Secret and other books about rightly dividing the King James Version Bible, available on Amazon.

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"The Christian Midwife," Marianne, is a retired RN, CNM (Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse-Midwife) who now studies, writes and teaches about "Rightly Dividing."   2nd Timothy 2:15.   Marianne uses the King James Bible (Authorized Version).   



Marianne's books can be divided into two categories: #1 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth; and #2 other books including Christian natural childbirth at home with a midwife.  Click the "Shop Amazon Now" button to go directly to Marianne's author page at Amazon.  


Bible Study in San Diego & Online

Marianne hosts two weekly Bible studies in San Diego, which are also live streamed on Facebook – Saturday mornings is Acts 9 Grace Bible Church, with assistance from  Berean Bible Ministries; and,  on Monday afternoons Marianne teaches; she covers an entire chapter of the Bible in each lesson. 

Bible study

Please explore this website and visit Marianne Manley's author page on Amazon.

God's Secret, A Primer with Pictures for How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth

God's Secret:  God's great wisdom in the long war against Satan is the major theme of this book. The book is an overview of the Bible with pictures in 100 pages, and is organized into three sections - Past, Present, and Future. An easy, clear, concise way to learn right division, share it with others and understand the Bible better.   Available in paperback and Kindle (electronic) format.   There is also a Spanish edition.  

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Visit Marianne Manley's Author Page on Amazon to see all of Marianne's books.

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