"The Christian midwife," rightly dividing the King James Bible

Join us for Bible study in San Diego (or stream online) Saturdays & Mondays

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3876 Cody Street, San Diego, California 92117, United States

RSVP: (858) 273-2049

Please RSVP for in-person attendance if you can, call 858-273-2049

If you are not able to RSVP, please come anyway.  You are welcome.

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About the two WEEKLY Bible Studies

Bible study, King James Version, Right Division, Acts 9

Saturday Morning

9:30 am to 11:30am - lead by pastor and elders from  Berean Bible Ministries.  We start with worship songs by Henry Meneses, who usually leads the study.

Marianne Manley, Rightly Dividing, King James Bible, Bible study

Monday Afternoon

Lead by Marianne Manley,  who covers one chapter of the Bible in each lesson.   These lessons closely follow the commentaries written by Marianne that are available on Amazon.  


Please telephone 858-273-2049 or use the contact form to RSVP if you plan to attend a Bible study in person.   if you are unable to do so, you are still welcome to attend.  The RSVP just helps us to know that you may attend.  You can also view a livestream or view the video later.  


God's Secret, book, right division, Acts 9, Richard Jordan, Terrence McLean,  Lori Verstegen, KJV

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Posted on Aaron G's channel (not live). Please search "Marianne Manley" on the channel.

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