"The Christian midwife," rightly dividing the King James Bible

Please help EVANGELIZE the GOSPEL and Rightly Dividing


Help distribute this primer for how to rightly divide the Word of Truth

There are many places where people cannot get good internet service.  You can help distribute the printed version of God's Secret (including the Spanish edition) to people who need it and can use it to evangelize Rightly Dividing and the KJV Bible; and, to evangelize the Good News.   Three ways you can help are listed below:

#1 Pray

Please pray for this ministry to distribute the book God's Secret .

# 2 Purchase a copy of God's Secret and send it out

If you know someone or some organization that needs a copy of God's Secret to evangelize Rightly Dividing,  you can purchase a copy for them.  Have Amazon send it direct if possible.   

#3 Donate

Your donation will be used for postage or shipping to send God's Secret to remote locations.

In the photo is a man who received a copy of God's Secret

In this case a man who lives  in England took a copy of God's Secret to his father-in-law in the Philippines.  

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Mail to Marianne Manley, 3876 Cody St., San Diego, CA 92117

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Your support and contributions will help evangelize the Good News . Your generous donation will fund postage for this ministry.

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