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Marianne Manley, RN, CNM, Christian Midwife, book, writer, rightly dividing, God's Secret, KJV, KJB

About Marianne Manley, the Christian midwife, Rightly Dividing writer


Marianne Manley, RN, CNM, God's Secret, writer, books, Bible study, San Diego, Amazon, KJV, KJB

Contact Marianne Manley; ask a question; RSVP for a Bible study.  858-273-2049

Bible Study

San Diego, Bible Study, Acts 9, Mid Acts, Right division, Pauline, Saul, Paul,  2 Timothy 2:15, KJV

Join us in San Diego:  two bible studies a week, one on Saturday and one on Thursday -  you can livestream on Facebook or stream later on YouTube.


God's Secret, Amazon, Marianne Manley, Christian Natural Childbirth, Born at Home, homebirth, KJB

Books written by Marianne Manley are in two categories:  1) Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth and 2) homebirth with a midwife.

Rightly Dividing Books

Marianne Manley, Amazon, God's Secret, Paul, Body of Christ, Grace, KJV,  dispensation of the grace

Marianne's most recent books, including God's Secret.

Childbirth Books

homebirth books, Marianne Manley RN CNM, Amazon, Marianne Manley Author, Churistin Childbirth 2nd Ed

Marianne's career operating her own homebirth midwife practice are the basis of these books. 

Rightly Dividing


Rightly Dividing explained; King James Bible.


christian midwife, marianne manley, amazon books, christianmidwife.com, christianhomebirth.com, kjv

This page has some of the content that was on Marianne's old web site, Christianmidwife.com

Acts 9 Grace Bible Church

acts9gracebiblechurch.com, Grace, Bible, church, Acts 9,  San Diego, Bible study, John Verstegen

This page has some of the content that was on Acts9gracebiblechurch.com 

God's Secret

God's Secret:  A Primer with Pictures for How to Rightly Divide the Word of Truth, rightly dividing

God's Secret Facebook page has livestream of Bible studies.  Also be sure to read articles from God's Secret, such as "Why I use the KJB..."

Streaming Options

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Livestream on Facebook (God's Secret page) or view later on the same page or on YouTube.

Support this Ministry

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Please pray for this ministry.   If you can, distribute the rightly dividing primer, God's Secret, to any person or group that can use it.  Or you can make a donation to help cover postage cost of mailing God's Secret.  


Pastor John Verstegen,Berean Bible Ministries in San Juan Capistrano, KJV, helpersofyourjoy.com, KJB

Thank you to Aaron Grace Youtube channel for posting bible study videos.  Thank you to Pastor John Verstegen and faithful elders from Berean Bible Ministries in San Juan Capistrano (helpersofyourjoy.com) who conduct weekly Bible studies Saturday mornings in San Diego.  

Outside link to Amazon

Marianne Manley, author, Amazon, God's Secret, Handbook for Christian Natural Childbirth,  homebirth

Marianne Manley author page on Amazon.  All of Marianne's books are listed on her author page.  Most books are available as a paperback or as a Kindle (electronic).   


Marianne Manley Books, Christian Childbirth, Rightly Dividing, King James Version, KJB, homebirth



Marianne Manley Books, Christian Childbirth, Rightly Dividing, King James Version, KJB, homebirth



Marianne Manley